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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  November 12, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the testimony, to the theme yadayadayada. he was acquitted of all the charges in the lufthansa heist. back to you. >> thank you. police want you to know about this. a man pushed on to the tracks at the east subway station on the lower east side bay stranger. this person is still out there. we are at the scene with details you need to hear. ray? >> this is something every new yorker is worried about at one point or another. a suspect pushed a homeless man on to the tracks and left. >> the 58-year-old was standing at the flat form of the east broadway station. a man pushed the victim on to the tracks and the attacker took off on a brooklyn bound "f" train. the victim was able to pull himself on to the platform with minor injuries.
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subway riders are alarmed about the attack. do you think you'll do anything differently now? >> i have a bad habit of keeping my headphones on. i need to keep an eye out for who is doing what. >> reporter: a lot of folks thinking about that tonight. police believe the victim may have been homeless. they are looking to catch up with the victim to get a better suspect description. when we get it, we will pass it on to you. i police are looking for a man who robbed and sexually assaulted a woman. it happened just before 10:30 this morning. the suspect made off with the victim's cell phone after the attack. she is being treated at mount sinai hospital. the father of the young man killed in a devastating blast in new jersey is sharing personal details about his son, who was his pride and joy.
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d his family. brian thompson is at the scene for us. >> reporter: the sadness is overwhelming when you talk to this father. he had so much pride in his 24-year-old son who was working and studying so hard. even worse, now he has to tell the news to his son's pregnant girlfriend. >> life is about working to have people do all kind of stuff. i don't know. i don't know. i don't know. 24-year-old son. he was the only one to die in this blast that lifted the roof of this duplex in elizabeth wednesday morning. >> beautiful. beautiful. great child. he has a dream. he was very hard working. >> reporter: the family, including his girlfriend lived on the top floor here.
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his death may have saved her life. >> he was laying his leg on her. he was groaning. >> reporter: the tragedy of what happened was compounded by this. his girlfriend is two or three weeks pregnant with their first child. but she was seriously injured and -- >> just keep asking how is he, where is he. going to have surgery or something. i couldn't tell her. we didn't tell her yet. >> he was at work when the explosion happened here. a father who loved his son, there are no answers. >> he worked so hard. he worked. he goes to work and goes to school. i don't know what to say. i don't know. for such a young, vibrant child to just -- something that is not his own fault. >> reporter: as for the investigation into what happened here, there has been a new development.
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see behind that gentleman standing there is a stove from inside the unit. that will be part of the investigation into exactly what caused the gas leak and torched off the explosion. i'll have more details on this as there have been more details in the investigation as well as problems for survivors whose life possessions are in all of these ruins coming up at 6:00. live in elizabeth, i'm brian thompson, "news 4 new york." >> see you then. a man accused of shining a laser at our news chopper just faced a judge. we helped get him in the hands of police. now we are uncovering information about him and how it went down. ida siegal is live with more. >> reporter: he just appeared before a judge. in the last 15 or 20 minutes ago, the plea was not guilty. he said he never shown a laser at a helicopter before and was messing around.
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>> don't look at it. >> reporter: it was a blinding green light that hit chopper 4 pointed at the pilot. >> getting lasers. they just did it again. >> reporter: they helped lead police to the laser pointer. they arrested him in prospect heights. he works next door and says silva was a cook there. he wasn't there last night, but says he is a nice guy. >> i think it's a joke that went too far. a situation, i think, they were probably playing around. it went a little too far and the cops took it seriously. >> reporter: law enforcement says he told police pointing the laser was supposed to be a joke. when they found him, he was holding a frying pan and the laser was inside it. no answer at his ocean avenue apartment today. neighbors say they don't know him, but what he's accused of doing isn't funny.
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that is disgusting. they should lock him up for a long time. someone could have got killed. >> reporter: officials agree. >> lasers have become a problem. if we do nothing about them, it will be too late soon enough. >> reporter: according to the faa, this incident was one of 20 nationwide last night alone. itis happening for frequently. this year, more than 5300 laser target sos far. it's up from 3900 last year. as the chopper reporter dennis protsko will tell you, it's not just pilots and passengers in danger. >> we are talking a helicopter that weighs two tons. imagine that coming down on your house because the pilot's vision is impaired. more serious, if it was a jet liner. >> reporter: back here, bail was set at $20,000. he could spend up to seven years in prison, if con vikted. live outside brooklyn criminal court, ida siegal, "news 4 new york."
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college students are holding demonstrations for students at university of missouri. tensions left a shake up at the school's administration. david ushery is live with developments tonight. >> a lot of social media hashtags galvanizing students, making it clear the event that is unfolded touched a nerve at campuses elsewhere in the country. today, mizzou named an interim. he earned his bachelor in law degree at missouri. as a student in the late '60s, engaged in civil rights protest. he steps in and saw the president forced to resign and online threats that put the university on alert. middleton say what is the campus needs now is honest dialogue about race. >> we need to talk about this. we need to come together, let
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table, person-to-person and respectfully discuss these issues and move beyond them. >> now, there has been unfortunate intense fallout from this. howard university, one of the primitive black universities in the united states says they have had to increase security on campus and nearby metro stations after an online threat was detected. despite that, we have glimpbs ses from our area of expressions of solidarity. this is columbia university. students lined up there in front of the library. we get a closer look, alma mater, a statue in front of the library. we can take you now to west long branch. this is the campus there. the students sent this video saying there were 50 students who walks along with professors from every race and creed. she said, again, expressing solidarity. these are still shots. we stand in solidarity.
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students in social media really spreading this. we see this from that campus. black lives matter. of course co-opting or linking up with the movement that emerged after the police brutal brutality cases. they say the demonstrations were peaceful and no arrests. >> thank you. new at 5:00, a bloody day in lebanon. 37 people died and more than 200 injured at twin suicide bombings. the explosions hit minutes apart during rush hour in beirut. a third tourist died before he could detonate his bomb. the area is a stronghold for the militant group, hezbollah. bombers struck as lebanese lawmakers met for the first time in over a year. the loved ones of those killed in flight 587 marked 14 years sinls the tragedy. [ speaking foreign language ]
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the names of the victims read. it broke apart minutes after taking off from the kennedy airport t. crash killed all 260 aboard. >> he lives with us every day. by all means, i'm calling him. this is something more for the acknowledgement for everyone, not just that i lost my dad, but there was actually others that share the same loss. >> last year's service was overshadowed by the late arrival. the i-team got a tip to make sure he was on time this year. nypd was thinking of taking him to the service by helicopter. we kept an eye on his commute. he wasn't taking chances this time. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: mayor bill de blasio built extra time to comfort mourning families into his schedule. at today's memorial for the victims of flight 587. >> we appreciate you are here today with us.
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>> reporter: the mayor's reception was way warmer than last year when furious families had to ring the bell without him after he cut it way too close arriving 20 minutes late. >> i was just not feeling well this morning. >> reporter: the mayor blamed a foggy boat ride and sleepless night. >> woke up sluggish and i should have got moving quicker. >> reporter: we were outside when he left at 7:25, 1:40 before the event was set to begin. the mayor's motorcade ran at least two red lights, turning on their emergency lights as they began their trip. city hall confirms because of foggy weather this morning, the police decided against using a chopper or a boat, choosing to drive instead. it sure helps to have an nypd rsecurity detail when you have to get somewhere fast. i took a cab from the mansion. looks like it's taking us just about an hour.
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the mayor got there in 32 minutes, leaving him a full hour to pay respects before the ceremony. >> i appreciate he made it. >> reporter: karen lost her mother and nephew on 587. she called the mayor's office this year to deliver a message. >> i insisted he made it on time. >> the grief is sharp, remains intense. >> to be honest, he came. at the end of the day, that's what matters. >> reporter: a police spokesman to tr sport dignitaries in a way that is safe for the public. elizabeth says the fact the mayor went through red lights to help remember her relatives -- >> my mother and sister. >> reporter: -- makes her feel like they deserve extra respect. in rockaway, "news 4 new york." still ahead, a proposed government ban on smoking in your home. only certain people have to follow this rule. we'll explain.
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an investigation into olive oil. this involves several brands sold in stores. why you might not be getting what you are paying for. >> janice is here. >> you are about to get strong, gusty winds the next couple days. i have the details c ing up in the storm team 4 forecast. at 5:30, what 4 investigates is uncovering about the new york city mass transit thief and the
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no smoking allowed in your home? that is the ew rule the federal government is proposing. >> this applies to residents living in more than 1 million public housi across the nation. john chandler has details for us. >> reporter: as you can imagine, is has people talking here in the bronx and throughout new york city. new york city's housing authority is the largest housing agency in the nation. it has over 400,000 people to consider. tonight, a spokesperson tells news 4 they want to address this decision head on and wants to put residents first.
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smoking in public housing means residents won't be able to light up in his home or the grounds? >> it's bogus. who is the government to dictate what we can and can't do? homes? >> reporlor: the department of s hobsing and urban development says it's their responsibility to protect people. more than 7,000 smokers die from lung kanger. 30,000 nonsmokers die of heart disease. >> it's better because smoking is not like drinking. no one ever die from secondhand alcoholism. >> reporter: smoke free public housing is better for the nation's bottom line. they show savings of $150 million annually. residents think it's too invasive.
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in your apartment. >> reporter: certainly a contentious issue. the public has 60 days to comment on this issue frchlt the point of the final ruling, it will be open for 18 months for agencies to put their plan into place. live in the bronx, i'm john chandler, "news 4 new york." >> thank you. police are looking for a man accused of slashing a marine outside a bar in manhattan. this happened yesterday, following an argument on 2nd avenue. the attacker is a member of the military. we are told the suspect and his friends were wearing army fatigues. the victim, the 35-year-old, has been released from the hospital. the nypd arrested a suspect in a fatal shooting. the 27-year-old was taken into custody after showing up at bronx lebanon hospital. he was using an alias when he walked into the hospital at 4:00
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a.m. seeking medication and a psychological evaluation. hospital staff recognized him and called police. he was wanted for a shooting near the subway station monday that left one dead and two others wounded. there could be an imposter hiding in your kitchen. seven of italy's topolive oil companies are passing off ordinary olive oil as high quality. it's bertoli. they were tipped off by a magazine that nine out of 20 bottles were not extra virgin as labeled. time for the weather. damp out there janice. >> yes, it's damp. we had fog and showers around the area. not as much rain as we have seen over the past 48 hours. we had more to the rain bucket. bridgeport, poughkeepsie, not much to measure in white plains. in the city, barely enough to measure for today. they were scattered around, the
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heavier amounts. the skies are beginning to clear. that's great news, but we are going to see a big change. moeps of it is the wind. it is going to be blustery. with that comes a chilly breeze, especially on saturdays when the highs are only in the 40s. it will be tough to make it to 50 degrees on that day. right now, we have 50 degree temperatures and near 60 across most of the area. we are in a relatively mild air mass. 61 in morristown, 60 in the city because of the south wind off thime ocean. that wind is going to turn around to the west once this area of low pressure moves past us. that low pressure is up over canada and the great lakes and is bringing a lot of wind to us later. a few gusts here and there between 15 and 20 miles an hour. they are going to get stronger. starting tomorrow morning, gusts up to 30 to 35 miles an hour throughout the day and going into friday evening, still strong gusts around the area.
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late saturdays evening. bigelows spinning across the great lakes. they are seeing gusts 50 to 55 miles per hour. we might get a sprinkle here and there this evening. overall, it's drying out. 55 tomorrow with gusty winds. that 49 on saturday will probably feel like the 30s. get ready to bundle up. guys, back to you. >> thank you very much. still ahead, as we continue the fight to save a long island attraction. you might recognize a nasa county mansion. the trouble that could cause it to be torn down, next. tonight at 6:00, the murder of a college football star. now, 11 years later, a new allegation. >> he made it up. >> could he be set free?
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it's a landmark, a popular tourist attraction and popular movie location.
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coast mansion is in jeopardy. >> it's in rough shape and needs millions of dollars in repairs. we have the fight to save it. >> reporter: scaffolding obscures the view of one of the longest surviving gold stead mansions. the 103-year-old facade is crumbling, little rally. one estimate puts it price tag for needed repairs at $20 million. stk needs of this building are unending. it's enormous. it's been neglected. >> reporter: she heads it group that operates the house for the owner, hempstead county. the home represents a critical part of long island history. tv shows like nbcs "the blacklist" and movies like "the teenage mutant ninja turtles" have been set here. a constant visitor named charles lindburg. >> tl haven't that many of these buildings left. they get torn down all the time
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and fall down. >> reporter: that's what she wants to pro vent. a spokesperson says nasa county hasn't done enough to save the historic structures it owns. >> nasa county has not established a clear program to maintain all of their historic sites. >> reporter: officials stress that this house is safe for visitors. that could change, they say, unless the needed repair work is done soon. >> i think we are very hopeful the resources will be found. >> reporter: the friends of sands point preserve are launching a fund raising project. >> it is frustrating. to see it in disrepair, in the shadow of manhattan is criminal. >> reporter: greg cergol, news s "news 4 new york". >> the county said the restoration is of significant importance.
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maintain and repair those sites. the holidays are almost here. so, sign up for a zero interest credit card. it may sound appealing to many of you. is it really the right choice? better get baa care row for the breakdown. plus -- >> he's been arrested for stealing subway trains, trucks and buses. now, he's got his sights on something new. the struggle with protecting the public while getting a transit thief the help he needs. at hospital for special surgery.
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